Power BI Antipatterns #1: SWITCH(TRUE… in DAX (The Pilot)

Welcome to Power BI Antipatterns, my new blog post series! Over the past few years, as I’ve been working as an independent consultant, I’ve seen many examples of practices in Power BI that were less than optimal. In other words, they weren’t best practices. What’s curious is that sometimes very different people wrote code in the same (bad) way. So I thought I’d like to dissect some of the antipatterns, and I’m starting with the misuse of the SWITCH function in DAX.
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Single-letter day and month names in Power BI

Occasionally in Power BI, you may want to display day or month names as single letters to save space. This may result in duplicates because neither day nor month names are unique when you shorten them to one letter. In this blog post, I’m showing two solutions to the problem: one in DAX and one in Power Query (M language). Continue reading “Single-letter day and month names in Power BI”

Understanding model recalculation in Power BI

Have you ever wondered why in Power BI calculated columns and calculated tables are called calculated and measures are not? That’s because in a certain sense, measures aren’t calculated, and calling them “calculated measures” is wrong. In this blog post, I’m discussing the implications of it–what recalculation in Power BI is, and how you can perform it. Continue reading “Understanding model recalculation in Power BI”

Using text measures in multi-row cards in Power BI

A not-so-well-known feature of the multi-row card visual in Power BI is that it can have its own title, called Card Title, in addition to the title any visual can have. In the image above, the Card Title is blue, and it is formatted separately from the visual title. It only works if you use one measure that returns text, and all other visuals are not text. In this blog post, I’m sharing a technique to display text as values in a multi-row card and still have the special Card Title. Continue reading “Using text measures in multi-row cards in Power BI”