Extracting images and themes from Power BI Desktop files

Learn how to extract images and themes from your Power BI Desktop files (.pbix)

A colleague of mine has recently asked to provide him a background image from a Power BI Desktop file I have had shared with him previously. Because sometimes the original images are lost and only preserved in .pbix files, I figured a quick blog post about extracting the images would be useful. Custom themes too can be extracted in the same way. Continue reading “Extracting images and themes from Power BI Desktop files”

Pearson correlation coefficient in DAX

If you had tried calculating theĀ Pearson correlation coefficient (PCC) in DAX, you would have likely read Gerhard Brueckl’s excellent blog post. If you haven’t, I encourage you to read it, as it contains a high-level overview of what PCC is. In this article I am showing how the same calculation can be done more efficiently using the new DAX functions, which are available starting with Power Pivot in Excel 2016, Power BI Desktop, SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services, and Azure Analysis Services. Continue reading “Pearson correlation coefficient in DAX”